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Hand drawn logos, marks and lettering for individuals, foundations and small businesses. Color studies, multiple sketches and style guides with branded roll-outs.
JD. LOGO 7.jpg
aaaaa 1.   .jpg
logo 10. .jpg
addddddd logo 6 .jpg
jw. 1v. R JOY. .jpg
scorpio 2    .jpg
logo 3. .jpg
scorpio 1    .jpg
jw. 1c. .jpg
logo 1.     .jpg
logo 4.     .jpg
scorpio 12   .jpg
scorpio oct 23. 6    .jpg
scorpio 7a   .jpg
logo 2. .jpg
logo 1a. .jpg
logo 6. .jpg
scorpio 4    .jpg
scorpio 11   .jpg
scorpio 13   .jpg
addddddd logo 2 .jpg
A R T G R A P H I C A.  LOGO       .jpg
scorpio 8   .jpg
logo 4. .jpg
JD. LOGO 7B.jpg
11 11 11 adding this resized 16F      .j
11 11 11 adding this resized 16K     .jp
logo 5.     .jpg
logo 2. better    .jpg
logo 3b.     .jpg
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